Almost without exception, the pioneers of our sport will claim ignorance when asked if they had any idea that what they were doing in the 1970’s would make such a radical impact on the world. Sure, there are a few individuals flushed with pride & filled with themselves that will say different. There are those that remain bitter for what they feel they never received. Ego. I feel sad for them. Some advice- ‘Greatness’ can only attach itself to humility. Most of the early pool riders were just having fun & doing ‘their thing.’ They had no real concept of the ripple effect. They—collectively—threw a pebble in a large pond & those ripples spread from the sunny beaches of California, across the feilds and farms of the midwest and into the cold industrial northeast. The ripples continued on across the world. TA told me that for the longest time, they just skated. They finally did notice that what they were doing was special. written by: Skate- Ozzie Photo by Warren Bolster


i can’t save the world. my sun will die eventually. one convenient part of being creative and well-resourced in life though, is that you can make a point to never be bored. oh and you can seclude yourself from the voices of fools. if you love me… when i’m done, let me vibrate in peace.

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Infrared III, by Mac Calarco | Tumblr
Here’s a shot I took today by my house, finally achieved the pink foliage effect! Looking forward to shoot more come summer with this bad boy filter!
إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
The smarter you get the less you speak Arabic Proverb (via splitterherzen)

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